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Renting and Leasing

A lease or tenancy agreement is an agreement between a landlord (home/apartment owner) and the tenant (the renter). It is a written document that is signed by the landlord and tenant. It is required that the renter receives a copy of the agreement from the landlord within 21 days of signing it… Read more

Boarders and Rooming Houses

Most properties in the neighbouring areas of the Fort Garry Campus are zoned as single-family dwellings. As such, there are City of Winnipeg Zoning by-laws that restrict the number of boarders in a home and the use of properties as rooming houses… Read more

Deposits and Damages

Most landlords will require a security deposit before you move in to your rented home or apartment. This deposit can only be up to one half of the first month’s rent, e.g., if the monthly rent is $800, the security deposit cannot exceed $400… Read more


Renting a house or apartment with roommates is a great way to reduce personal monthly housing costs. However, it is very important to choose your roommate(s) carefully and have discussions about a variety of topics before choosing to live together… Read more

Subletting and Assignment

A sublet is an option available to tenants who may need or want to temporarily give up their rented space to someone else for a specified period of time. In the case of a sublet, the person(s) named on the lease will return to their place after a specific period time. Essentially, they are “lending” the place to someone else… Read more