Below you will find a link to Yomes, a social network for landlords and tenants, which offers a platform for previous renters to share rental information to potential renters and can provide useful information about the area, neighbours, and local service providers.

The content of this site is solicited and managed by Yomes and the ratings are the sole opinion of the individual who fills out the review.

Opinions and ratings on this site are NOT reviewed by the University of Manitoba, and should not be deemed as an endorsement of a particular listing or landlord.  The University of Manitoba advises all students to meet with their landlord and visit the listing in person prior to signing any agreement for rental purposes.

Link to Yomes: http://yomes.com/umanitoba 

Additional information about rental agreements, and the responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants can be found on the Government of Manitoba’s Residential Tenancies Branch website located at: http://www.gov.mb.ca/cca/rtb/index.html