There are variety of options for students attending the University of Manitoba to be part of a University Community. The first thing to note is which campus your classes will be based out of (Fort Garry or Bannatyne) – and then to look into which form of accommodation would be best suited to your needs.



Student Residences:  Student Residences is the department which runs Arthur V. Mauro, Mary Speechly Hall, Pembina Hall Residence and University College Residence. Each of these buildings is equipped with laundry facilities, a shared group use kitchen, free wired and wireless Internet and a lounge on each floor with cable television. Student rooms are furnished (bed, desk, chair, etc.) however students are responsible to bring their own bedding and towels (for more information on what is provided in the different buildings click here).

In each building the Residence Life Staff and Residence Councils come together to provide a rich variety of activities, services and programs designed to meet their students’ social and educational needs. Not only fun and informative, these programs help to bring students together creating a distinct community within each building. Throughout the year – buildings will also compete against each other in the Inter-Residence Challenge, and for the coveted Spirit Cup. In addition, our International Resident Advisor acts as a resource for all international students living in Student Residences, and facilitates residence-wide events through a cultural lens.

Students interested in living in Student Residences need to apply early – as applications open the previous November, and space is awarded on a first come first serve basis. For more information on living in Student Residences, please visit our website at


St. John’s College Residence: St John’s is conveniently located near the University Centre, and is ideal for people seeking a smaller community on campus, where academics and residence social life are balanced in a fun, safe, and secure atmosphere. In order to help students focus on their studies, the residence has reasonable and regular quiet/study hours, which all residents agree to follow. Student Staff, called Dons of Residence, help students to integrate into residence and university life, and help to foster community. We also have an International Student Representative who helps international students with their particular needs and concerns. St John’s Residence Student’s Association offers an annual cycle of social events. Students are encouraged to join social and athletic programs, to excel academically, and to live and study in a close-knit community of up to 100 residents.

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Homestay Program: Homestay is a cultural exchange program at the University of Manitoba coordinated by the English Language Centre. This program is designed to give international students the opportunity to experience living with a Canadian Family (in their home) while studying at our university, providing a rich  cultural and language experience.

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Although the University of Manitoba does not have any official Residences on the Bannatyne Campus the Health Science Centre manages accommodations which are open to University of Manitoba Students studying at the Bannatyne Campus.

Health Science Centre (HSC) – Medical Centre Apartments:  Available to students of HSC or University of Manitoba campus only, HSC offers affordable rental accommodations, located at the Health Science Centre. Tenants can easily access both academic and professional areas of the HSC from the Medical Centre Apartments on Notre Dame Avenue at Emily Street. Suite sizes range from bachelor/studio size, to two bedroom apartments, depending on location and availability.

For more information, please visit the HSC website at: